PROTOTYP3 is a Los Angeles based design agency founded to innovate future products, vehicles, and systems for brands who want to make the future, reality.



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We excel in out of the box design innovation. Bringing ideas for tomorrow or the next 100 years to tangible visualization. Boosting brand vision, consumer connection and market differentiation.


We believe in the ability for humans to be self sufficient once again. Pushing towards the democratization of mass manufacturing, overpopulated agriculture, and overseas recycling. Bringing macro industries to micro communities where humans can thrive without needing to rely on extensive supply chains and expensive shipping.


Products of the future should be able to be transformed, recycled, downcycled, or composted. Pushing the model of a circular economy closer to reality. By designing products that are as individualized as possible, products are taken care of and last longer. We push boundaries in additive manufacturing, micro recycling, and material composites to aid our design process and help our clients save money and the planet by investing in closed loop cycles as much as possible. With the ultimate goal to enhance human potential on this planet, and the next. If you are interested in our vision, design or prototyping services please get in touch, we would love to hear your thoughts or address any questions you have.



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