Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my file take to finish?

Normal turn around is about 2-3 days, note that depending on demand it might take shorter or longer. Feel free to contact us if quick turnaround is urgent.

Where can I pick up my part?

Pick up location options will be noted on your invoice. Please contact us if you have any issues with part pickup.

How do I upload my files?

To upload your files please create an account with us and click on the "Upload Files" tab. From there you can submit a part order form and attach your parts. Please submit one order form for each set of parts with the same specs as every separate order is charged a printer set up fee if submitted at different times or with different print specifications.

Where do I pay?

Payment can be made directly from your invoice by credit/debit card. Please note we will not start you parts until payment has been received.

I am an Art Center student, its week 12, and I am freaking out about having a model done, how can you help?

The sooner you get your files to us the sooner we will be able to print your parts, however if it is last minute there is a chance a printer opens up and we will be able to print your model, however we cannot guarantee a very quick turnaround week 12-14.

What resolution is best for my part?

Unless otherwise specified FDM parts will be printed at .2mm layer height, we are also able to print FDM parts at .1mm for higher fidelity. 

How large are your print beds?

The standard FDM printer we have has a build platform of 8x8x10. We also have a 17.5x17.5x18.5 inch printer (precision quality cannot be guaranteed at this scale but most parts come out looking great.) If your model is too large for the print beds they can be spliced and printed in parts and glued together after, this has been done before and with a little bit of bondo and sanding can yield a very clean model.

What color materials do you offer?

For FDM we offer black and white PLA standard, these can always be sanded and painted over. Other colors are available or custom orders can be made.

Do you remove support material?

Generally we do not remove any support material however some support might come off when we remove the model from the print bed.

Please be advised resin SLA printing will resume October 2019.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us via email at

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