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PROTOTYP3 specializes in utilizing advanced 3D creation technology to design, innovate, and manufacture products for everyday consumers, businesses, and government entities. 

From furniture to synthetic worlds, we create custom workflows tailored to our client's needs. We’ve pioneered technological solutions that allow us to rapidly execute projects at any scale across industries in both digital and physical domains.

Founded in 2020 as a small, multi-specialist team, we are dedicated to delivering customized solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients while providing new opportunities to evolve their business.

Contact us for specific portfolio examples of the products/services outlined below.


Being industry agnostic allows for fresh problem-solving opportunities around every corner. Our project consulting history spans across the industries of defense, aerospace, automotive, motorsport, marine, medical, consumer products, gaming, art, architecture and sculpture. We bridge the gap between render and reality allowing our clients to reap the benefits of a fast paced photo-real design for digital or physical outputs.


Industrial Design / Concept Engineering
Brand + Product Strategy
3D Scanning + Photogrammetry
3D Synthetic Interactive Environments (metaverse)
Photo-Real Visualization (2D/3D)
VR Experiences (configurators /  virtual shopping)
Media Content Creation (design process to marketing materials)


As experts in 3D printing we take pride in enabling our clients to experience the value of USA made, on-demand manufacturing through state-of-the-art large format 3D printing. Individually elevating what our clients can offer their customers, through bespoke approaches to design and partnerships.


3D Printed Manufacturing Support:

Tools + Molds for Composites
Durable Large Parts
Full Scale Prototypes
Complex Structural Members
Autoclave Tooling
Check + Trim Fixtures
Welding Jigs
Concrete Molds/Forms

White Label/Partnership Product Design + Manufacturing:

Board Sports
Interior & Exterior Facades
Storefronts & Interiors
Overlanding Interiors
Tiny Homes

clients + partners

​Who have explored the future with us & require our unique skillset:

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