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Ribbon of Hope

A bespoke 6.5ft tall lavender ribbon sculpture for the American Cancer Society's Hope Gala.

In a heartwarming initiative to support the fight against cancer, the American Cancer Society enlisted us to design and 3D print a "Ribbon of Hope" sculpture for the prestigious Hope Gala. Held on September 29, 2023, the Hope Gala, one of the largest cancer fundraisers of the year in Knoxville, TN, united attendees and donors from across the nation in a shared mission to raise crucial funds in the battle against cancer.

Crafted from render to reality in just 1 month, the sculpture stands at 6.5ft tall and is printed in a custom formulated Pantone Lavender PETG. Lavender, recognized as the "All Cancers" color, was the ideal choice to symbolize unity in the fight against cancer. Creating this color was a significant but rewarding challenge.

TECHMER understood the importance of color precision for this project, and partnered with us to address this challenge. They formulated the elusive Pantone Lavender color in only a few short weeks and in a limited quantity of just 200lbs, which drastically minimized material waste post-completion.

With TECHMER’s coloring facility close by in Clinton, TN, this project was designed, formulated, printed and presented within a 20 mile radius - demonstrating our combined commitment to localized manufacturing solutions. The “Ribbon of Hope” sculpture will be enjoyed for years to come at future American Cancer Society.

Read the full press release here:

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