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synthetic environments

Synthetic Environment [Forward Operating Base]

An example of a fully designed full scale photo-real environment built from the ground up using the latest game engine technology - fully customizable from each blade of grass to the position of the sun. These types of environments create a common operational picture for a multi-user design reviews on large scale projects. Environments can be optimized for VR and full scale CAD can be brought in at each stage of development to review designs - great for virtual production + product shots.

Synthetic Environment [Leo Carrillo Beach]

Captured using drone images, stitched together in photogrammetry software and exported as a 3D asset. This can now be used to shoot virtual production, render products/vehicles, integrate into a larger VR environment experience (like above) or design around the real world geometry of that location. This technique can be applied to any environment (interior or exterior).

Synthetic Environment [Angeles Crest Miata]

Using a synthetic environment we created a VR experience to present our '98 Mazda Miata reverse engineered concept design, demonstrating the unlimited styles of synthetic environments products can be presented and experienced in.

Synthetic Environment [Elf Grand Prix Prototype]

Transportation designer Xander Wang tasked us with animating his personal concept GP single seater project in a synthetic city environment. Check out his full portfolio here: []

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