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Toro Bravo 4x4

Creating new category in overlanding. WORK | PLAY | EXPLORE.

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Toro Bravo, launched in February 2023, was born out of a void in the RV space that allowed customers a vehicle to work, play, and explore. The brand’s modern utilitarian approach is meant to accommodate a vast array of potential users, giving customers the ability to customize their rig to their specific business and passions; a 365-day insulated space that is rugged when you need it, and comfortable when you want it. Toro Bravo’s first model, the Silver Spear, is modular and customizable with most notable features including up to 143 sq/ft of livable interior floor space and 836 cubic ft of work/live space that benefits from a bi-fold rear door/ramp for ease in loading tools and toys, and the ability to go off-grid with the whole family for up to 4-5 days.

Disrupting the adventure automotive category, the Silver Spear is assembled by industry-leading Roush Industries, seamlessly blending the best off-road vehicle capabilities, reliability, and durability with a modular box design. The Silver Spear will utilize brand-new Crew Cab chassis from Ford F-450s.


The Silver Spear’s modern, utilitarian design features a modular and heavy duty, floor to wall rail mounting system. PROTOTYP3 designed the large and modular shape to provide an excess of space for cost effective add-ons and amenities so each customer can tailor their 4X4 to their preferred specifications. 


In addition, the Silver Spear offers interior recess lighting and 3D printed custom designed cabinetry and components that includes a removable kitchen cart, sink counter, and the over-cab bedside storage. Other key features include drop down bunk beds, exterior storage boxes, Truma air conditioning, and 5 solar panels. The Silver Spear will be offered in a myriad of factory color options for the cab. Additionally, the bi-fold rear ramp allows easy loading and unloading for any type of job and can easily tow work trailers, horse trailers, ski boats, bass boats, and even your BBQ pit smoker to a tailgate party for your favorite team. It also functions as an exterior patio when held at 90 degrees increasing the overall living space.

Find more information on TORO BRAVO 4x4 and the Silver Spear at

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